Logo Rationale

A blazing “N” is inspired by the Newera name and is the key symbol of the logo. The N’s swift upward strokes exude confident leadership and our drive to achieve progress. Emblazoned at the centre is a fiery band that connects two separate elements into one, embodying our philosophy of building partnerships. A carefully engineered sans serif font reflects the strength and solidity of the solutions we commit to deliver. The brand palette of fiery orange and earth brown is reminiscent of a blazing sun rising over a vast horizon, brimming with optimism brought forth by a new day, conveying our passion to inspire growth.

Brand Architecture

In view of Newera’s growing product and service divisions, it is important to maintain consistency with our brand. The brand architecture is used to house each division under the Newera brand umbrella. This framework helps to systematise our portfolio of products and services aligned with the brand position and strategy for future growth.

The four business divisions are directly involved in operations, delivering on the brand promise of Newera on a day-to-day basis. Each business division has their own distinct brand palette (refer to diagram). This establishes the logo colours of the branded products and solutions they offer (e.g. newfinix, newbroach, newtrac, etc).

Newera Group