Industrial Tools & Machinery Solutions

Portable Magnetic Drills & Annular Cutters (USA)

Hougen Portable Magnetic Drills put superior hole making capabilities in customers hands whether customers are working on site or in the shop. A Hougen Portable Magnetic Drill can be used wherever there is electric power, and the models let customers’ custom match a drill to their specific needs.

Customers can choose from 14 models starting with an ultra small model that fits in tight quarters and drills up to 27mm diameter thru 19mm depth of cut, or a model that has the power to produce 77mm holes thru 76mm thick material.

Flatter Series Portable Magnetic Drills & Crinkey Cutters (JAPAN)

Omi Flatter magnetic drills suitable for a variety of industries including construction, plant, bridge-work, steel and machining. Omi Flatter series line up include the high power model MGF35E, drilling capacity up to 35X35mm; Adjustable head model MGF30AH, drilling capacity up to 30X35mm & Swivel head model MGF50AH, a portable, compact body frame with the drilling capacity up to 50X50mm.

Omi Crinkey Cutters, capable of drilling a maximum 150 holes in steel plate of maximum 50mm in thickness. Omi Crinkey Cutters an be used with drills, lathes and magnetic drills for drilling steel plate, sfructured steel, stainless steel plate, cast iron, carbon material and steel pipes.

Portable Magnetic Drills & Annular Cutters (UK)

Newbroach offers the most powerful and comprehensive range of portable magnetic drills for holes up to diameter 100MM. Newbroach’s portable magnetic drills is suitable for drilling structural steel and virtually any metal, for use in construction and related industries. The HSS & TCT Annular Cutters are reliable, accurate with faster performance and allow less time and energy per hole.

Oil & Grease Lubrication Equipment (JAPAN)

Yamada Corporation was first established in 1905 as Yamada Seisakusho to manufacture water valves and cocks. Yamada has since been contributing to the development of industry as a whole by producing efficient lubrication and pressure-feed equipment, particularly in the automotive industry.

Hydraulic Puncher & Pump (JAPAN)

Royal Master has a wide range series of Hydraulic pumps & punchers with small light weight type which cater to all needs and requirements of customers’ works. The punchers & pumps are easy, safe and efficient to operate.

Air Tools (JAPAN)

URYU SEISAKU, LTD. was established as the first Pneumatic Tool manufacturer in Japan in 1915. Since establishment, Uryu has been one of the top manufacturers supplying Pneumatic Tools and related items not only in Japan but also more than 60 countries in the world. In response to this fact, Uryu has made a decision to comply with ISO14001 requirements as one of the top priority in thier company management and dedicate to contribute toward environmental protection by implementing and maintaining environment management activities.

Quick Couplings & Fittings (JAPAN)

DAISEN Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of quick fluid couplings and fittings. Daisen has been providing the high quality products for mainly Japanese market. Most of Daisen products were supplied for Japanese major air tool companies as OEM base. In 2007, Daisen has started the export business using its’ own national brand.

Power Tools (EUROPE)

Eibenstock has a long tradition in the development and the manufacturing of power tools (Elektrowerkzeuge) for the industrial and trade sector. Well trained employees under the guidance of a dynamic management are guarantees for proven quality, durability and robustness of the professional products in the Eibenstock brand. Eibenstock power tools are exported to more than 50 countries and different voltage versions are available.

Fittings & Tubing (JAPAN)

Chiyoda’s fittings and tubing are known worldwide for their quality and reliability. Used in major automotive production facilities, material handling, welding, food service, electronics and automation applications. There are different types of fittings and tubing available, featuring Chiyoda own unique style and materials to suit customers application.

Handy Punchers (JAPAN)

Diamond punchers are able to get jobs done quickly, efficiently and safely. The products range from powerful hand-held tools through portable small and light weight units for on-site use to specialized equipment for the production shop. For the punchers, the fast punching action produces burr-free, round and oval holes in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods.

Total Assembly Solutions (USA)

AIMCO provides Total Assembly Solutions for threaded fastening applications using state of the art tools and application expertise gathered over 35 years in assembly and manufacturing. Aimco global market focus centers on Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace and General Assembly Industries.

If Productivity, Ergonomics, Reliability, and Quality are driving forces in customers’ business, then Aimco is their value-added partner. Aimco provides cost effective answers for customers by solving problems related to tightening strategies, tool selection and installation, joint failure analysis, audit trails and methods, combined with operator training to maximize the production efficiencies of Aimco tools provide.

Aimco’s manufacturing division “AcraDyne” in Portland, Oregon, produces a complete line of D/C Controlled Tools and custom built multiple spindle systems. Aimco service, repair and calibration lab provides a fast turnaround on repairs and all electronic torque equipment that are traceable to NIST standards.

Aimco is the right choice to assist customers with their strategically located sales force and worldwide distribution. Together Aimco can put their 35 years of industry experience to work in facilities worldwide to enhance customers’ competitive edge.

Balaman (JAPAN)

TOYO KOKEN K.K. BALAMAN Series provides material handling equipment saving labour required for the transfer and transportation of heavy loads. Offered in various types, the ‘Pneumatic’, ‘Hoist’, ‘Electric’ and ‘Ultra-BALAMAN’ work with a wide variety of hand attachments to solve customer various transfer and transportation woes.

TOYO KOKEN K.K. BALAMAN material handling equipment have been applied to many purposes such as for the health and safety of workers, for improvements of operating efficiency, to simplify skilled operations, and towards the mitigation of heavy labor. Customers can select the best type of main unit, base and attachments which meet their requirement of transportation, installation space, shape and load to be transported, floor space and height available for installation.

Rail System (JAPAN)

Thing Tech enclosed rail, forms the foundation of many material handling systems. Both lightweight, high performance aluminum rail and the steel rail provide safe and productive working environments. Customers can be confident that Thing Tech will provide them with quality and safety which they require.

Furthermore, the enclosed track design reduces dirt and grime build-up on the running surface hence improving long-term performance.Safety features: To ensure safety of operators, both aluminum and steel rails boasts pins which are completely secured. Also, to reduce dangers, hangers and end trucks have bolts which pierce through. Trolleys also have preventing floating function.